• Optimization of the gravity separation process
    SAGT aims at developing a new generation of gravity separators


Westrup has decades of worldwide experience in supplying seed and grain cleaning equipment, as well as seed processing lines for almost any type of crops, e.g. grain, cereals, grass seeds, rice, vegetable seeds, cotton etc. We are proud to say that we have a solution for almost all cleaning jobs; and if we do not already have one, we will invent one. Through knowledge sharing with customers and technical and innovative specialists, Westrup is known to keep its finger on the pulse.
To comply with the constantly changing market requirements, we adapt our equipment and processes by incorporating the latest technological features.

The organisation behind SAGT

The project is a collaborative effort between:
• A company specialized in the development of processing equipment for seeds and grains (Westrup A/S);
• A research-intensive SME provider of high-performance optical systems (Videometer A/S);
• A research institute with recognized excellence in the fields of mechanical design, vibration and flow dynamics (Chalmers University).

Publications from SAGT

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This project is supported by the SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME of EU, Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) - Marie Curie Actions. Grant no.: 324433.